From now to the future

The truest truth is called lie. 最真实的叫做谎言。
  The biggest game is called love. 最大的游戏叫做爱情。
  I faked when I’m being myself most.
  I pretend when I’m exposing myself most.
  I didn’t mean to hurt you. 我不想伤害你
  No, I didn’t mean it, my love. 不,我不想伤害你的,亲爱的
  And I love you so, my love. 而我是如此爱你
  But this love itself can hurt you.
  And I have nothing to do if that happens.
  Now you can hate me, my love. 现在你可以恨我了,亲爱的
  Or you can laugh about it, saying:’I’ve told you!’
  But I was serious. 但我曾是认真的
  I’ve always been too serious to be honest.
  And now I’m awake. 现在我醒了
  I don’t love you any more. 我不爱你了
  Since when? 从何时开始?
  Since now. 从现时开始
  I hope I can treat you fair. 我还是想好好待你
  I hope I can treat you as good as you treat me.
  I hope I can keep loving you, as a firend, or a real sister.
  I love you. 我爱你
  It’s the easiest sentence for me to say.
  But when I say ‘I love you’, it won’t mean ‘I love you’ any more.
  It means I still wish that I could love you.
  It might mean I want to stay with you, do something for you.
  Or it might mean I want to hug you, kiss you, right now.
  Only can it never mean ‘I love you’ any more.
  Can a love survive love? 在爱情消失后,爱可以继续存在么?
  Or can the relationship between us make it?
  I hope so, sincerely. 我希望是的。我真诚地希望着。
  And I love you, my dearest one. 我是爱你的,我最亲爱的
  See you. 回见


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